One Way Mirror Film

One Way Mirror Window Film

One-Way Mirror Window Film is silver reflective on one side, and 5 or 20% black on the backside, allows you to see out while others cannot see in. Creating a one-way mirror effect similar to what you see in police interrogation rooms. At night the level of privacy decreases however because of increased light on the inside. To combat this loss in privacy when the sun goes down, we recommend installing a light on the outside of the glass. The privacy effect is based on light density and the extra layer of 5% or 20% black on the inside adds privacy at night. If you’re looking for extreme heat reduction, this film blocks the highest level of solar energy at 80%.

  • Solar Energy Rejection: 80%
  • Excellent UV rejection: blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • Solar Energy Transmittance: 7.9% or 25%
  • Solar Energy Absorption: 43.2%
  • Safe for Single Pane Glass as well as Dual Pane Glass. Offers the highest level of heat and solar energy rejection of any film available.

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