Frosted Decorative Band

  Companies are swarmed with conference calls all day. From talking to clients a few states away to talking to investors multiple time zones away, it is necessary for there to be a professional and sleek looking environment. These frosted stripes were perfect for this company! They were looking for something to minimize the distractions coming[…]

Sun Shading

Manhattan Mini Storage’s Dyckman location embodies a clean and polished design. With white walls, large windows, white desks, and sleek metallic wall boarders, it provides clients a sense of openness to the first-floor office space. Though the natural lighting enhances the room, it also creates large sunspots in the day and a lack of privacy[…]

Frost Film – Forefront Capital Office

Forefront Capital moved into some new offices and needed some frost film to give them some privacy. We came in and showed them what we could do and they gave us the go ahead. By the following week we finished all of their offices in Times Square! If you have a new office with a[…]

Black Geometric Strip – Decorative Window Film – Office Space

Edison properties gave us a call and wanted a specific design that other window film companies didn’t have. They wanted something other than the frosted window film. We showed them the black geometric stripe and it seemed like just what they wanted. We ordered it for them and installed it the following week. They have[…]

Black Out Film – Citizen M – Lounge

The Citizen M Hotel in Times Square was doing some construction in the patio area on the lounge level of the hotel. They wanted a solution that would give the construction crew some privacy while keeping the space stylish. We helped to install a blackout film up to a level where clients couldn’t see out[…]

Times Hotel – Bathroom Black Out Film

We have done several projects already for the Times Hotel in Times Square. They have asked us to tint using Black Out Film for their Bathrooms to give their clients a sense of privacy since all the glass were clear. We work closely with several hotel chains and engineering directors in several hotels to ensure[…]

Blue Window Film – Marianne Boesky Gallery

Marianne Boesky Gallery at 20 Clinton St was looking for something unique to install in a exhibition for their resident artist. They asked us to install a dark blue window film. It came out beautifully as you can see in the pictures below. If you have a special project that you need to do with[…]