Anti-Graffiti Window Film


Anti-Graffiti window film is the best solution for protecting your glass. Anti-graffiti film can be installed on homes, bus stops, store fronts, and more. For those who simply want an extra layer of protection on their beautiful windows just to protect it from all types of graffiti that comes in forms such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges in residential and all types of commercial glass applications. If you’re in an area that is more susceptible to graffiti, then this is the film for you. This provides you an extra protective layer on your elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors as well as any other glass surfaces.


  • Protects Glass from scratches and vandalism like graffiti
  • Easily replaceable and cost efficient solution to graffiti
  • Change the film, not the glass!
  • 4 mil single layer clear film offers good basic protection
  • 6 mil multi-layer clear film offers increased protection for higher risk areas
  • Offers an invisible sacrificial layer to protect glass from acid etchings, scratches and tagging
  • Can also protect other glass surfaces from wear and tear.

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