ConEdison in collaboration with Lockheed Martin believe in the energy efficiency of window film as an effective way of reducing energy consumption. That’s why window film is being rebated by ConEd through its custom rebate program. Rebates are given after we apply for it through their program.

​Sunrise Energy Solutions will help you find out how much you can receive through a ConEdison Rebate. Here are the steps:

  1. Sunrise Energy Solutions gives you a quote for the installation of window film.
  2. We then submit a Custom Application to ConEdison
  3. ConEd/Lockheed Martin assesses the project and calculates rebate amount
  4. ConEd/Lockheed Martin gives end-user a commitment letter.
  5. If end-user wants to pursue the project, the end-user must accept the rebate amount and Sunrise Energy Solutions will begin our work.
  6. Sunrise Energy Solutions installs window film
  7. ConEd/Lockheed Martin performs post-project inspection
  8. End-user receives rebate check from ConEd/Lockheed Martin within six weeks of post-project inspection